Monday, 21 October 2013

Ping Chau Guide

Hong Kong's auditions for X Factor were hotly contested this year, but these guys didn't make the final 10! In real life the gentleman with the megaphone is a tour guide on a trip I undertook to 2 of the islands that lie to the very North East of Hong Kong. This shot was taken in Tung Ping Chau famous for strange rock formations and lovely sandy beaches. The name "Ping Chau" means "flat island" in Chinese. Though I didn't understand a word spoken, the rest of the tour party listened intently as our guide explained a little about the history of the Island. I subsequently discovered that Ping Chau has a dark history. Guns and opium were once smuggled from here, and during the Cultural Revolution many of China's mainlanders swam through shark-infested waters in hopes of reaching Ping Chau and the freedom of Hong Kong.

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